Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Opinions I formed after judgement had gone to bed #1

"Stephanie Flanders is too hot for Newsnight."

But now Stephanie Flanders is chief economics correspondent for the BBC! She's going to RUIN the BBC with her FANCY WAYS.

Stephanie Flanders: the tip of what I fear is an enormous personal iceberg, where already clearly visible over the meniscus is Jenny Scott from the Daily Politics.

This post is brought to you courtesy of the "economists your dad would have had a crush on" desk.

"John that is quite enough of that."


Josher said...

But... but... but!

Sexy economists are awesome. America has sexy economist, and look at them! Economy in disarray, perhaps, but at least they're happy.

soda! said...

john you are such an old man i love it.

keep up the good work!!

Tom Meade said...

Attractive newsreaders are problematic. How am I supposed to stay focused on civil unrest in the Balkans with Janice Peterson's siren song in my ear.