Monday, August 27, 2007

A very short series (Ps: MUNGO!)

Influential webcomic artists that no one remembers #1: Scott Thigpen. Have we all lived so long? Scott was extremely nice to me on the way up. His reward is, from looking at his site, a fancy old life.


fingle said...

(spelling mostly correct this time. Damned demon vodka!)

He was featured in Print magazine a while back. It was quite a spread, as I recall. His work is faultless...

p.s. - Thank you for the drawing of Amy at Comic-Con. That rocks!

- Pat Hough

Brian said...

Is there an archive of the old Demise/Schwerve comics online anywhere? I remember absolutely loving them.

Brendan said...

I have a few old Demise comics saved, from one point when his archives were accessible (during the Boomslang era), on an old hard drive in a closet in a different house.

So: yes!

weeblywobbly said...

man thanks for the trip down memory lane. I actually thought about Boomslang the other day but I have *no* time to do comics anymore.

I do, however, do comics for the Atlanta Journal Constitution every other week...but the are nothing like Demise/Boomslang at all.

Thanks for the nice props!