Monday, August 06, 2007

Teatowels of the past

I didn't do a Scary Go Round teatowel in 2006 but this year, once again, I will offer you the opportunity to dry your dishes the SGR way. This year I want to draw a wholly up to date array of critters such as gnome, goblin, were-wolf, as many as I can fit on there. Please use this post to make suggestions, here are the ones who have made the list so far:

1. Gnome
2. Goblin
3. Were-wolf
4. Wendigo

Keep it brief, I don't have all flipping day &etc.


Lowell said...

Perhaps the terrifying Black-Eyed Children?

Or Gremlins. I'd say Padfoot except it has been Potter-ized.

Sparkles F said...

You can't forget the devil-bears. And the chupacabra.

Leigh said...

How about a tourist one from the robot republic?

Also you are super clever and an artsy whizz so can have hugs.


Joel said...

Or a domovoi. Too obscure perhaps. You don't want it overly Gaimanic.

Dougie said...


Also: Maybe a jabberwocky?

Sarah said...

Bridge trolls.

Oh I like the idea of the robot republic tea towel.

You know what, I will buy a tea towel from you no matter what you put on it. The really hard part will be convincing my Italian flatmates to actually USE it. (and then WASH it. But I've given up on that)

turbidity said...

You could go girl-themed: sirens, lamia, gorgons, and the like.

Steve said...

You sort of must do Cthulhu. At least that's what all the other webcomickers use.

Tom said...

Jack Frost!

Or maybe a guy made out of fingers.

Alon said...

Bob Crowley and his gang.

MrKneebone said...

Hows about:
- Banshee
- The creature from the Black Lagoon
- Robert Smith
- Mummy
- Mermaid
- Gargoyle

matt said...

If it's monsters you're doing, surely you can't leave out Kra-kra-krakkagar!

Also, Spummy and I would also urge you to include one or more space vampires from the planet Sapphus X.

Perhaps one of the above could be dowsing? More dowsing!

Victoria said...

Spaghetti monster?

Ben said...


Benjamin said...

Clearly a Man-O-War.

Mizufae said...

soul-possessing gas monster
redcap fairy
zombie (do they count as critters?)
loch ness monster
the jersey devil
golem (the made of clay sort)
giant superintelligent space-bug

Meagan said...

Vampire Bunnies!!!!

Ryan said...


Adam said...

friend bat!!

he is not scary but friendly. this is alright, right?

Rachel said...


Kar said...

reaper / Death

and I second the votes for friend bat and the Krakkagar clan.

Simon said...

spring heeled jack please :)

he is like jack the ripper with pogo sticks for legs, prancing about old london town