Thursday, August 16, 2007

Forget forward-slash and revert to stroke

Wasted two minutes this morning thinking about what kind of middle-aged English man I want to be. Don't want to look like Gryff Rhys-Jones. He seems like a nice man but he's all over the place visually speaking. Iain Duncan-Smith also a serious no-no.

Please can I have some more letters via email about ghosts for my Ghosts book? I will answer your ghost problems or merely commiserate. There is still a page to fill and I want to lay this book to rest by August 22nd. Usual address &etc.


Anik said...

Hmm, an interesting quandry. I'd also avoid the Anthony Stewart Head or the Alan Rickman types, because I understand they both find the hail of ladies' undergarments continually cast in their directions to be a bit bothersome -- though I'm sure you can already relate to this problem.

Joe said...

I sent you a letter to the editor. I hope you like it!