Sunday, April 23, 2006

Guilty as charged

Friday night's post about stick-thin jazz-pop kittens was the result of my taking a cold drink. Don't rush out of your homes as if you were on fire, howling like a cat up a tree - things are going to be fine. I went to see Giant Drag on thursday and all the requisite jams were kicked out.

Ever since a wild night in East Streatham (circa 2002) wherein I completed something called "the Lewin Run" and paid the price, my body has been systematically saying no to booze. The list of alcoholic beverages I can still drink is getting really short. I reckon I can trust Guinness, gin and wine. Pretty soon I will be down the temperance society with the maiden aunts. PLUS:

Guinness: you will be waiting a while
Gin: mother's ruin
Wine: Q. Are We Not Men/ A. No we are drinking wine

The two day hangover: god's way of telling you IT'S OVER.


Lucy said...

The "Lewin Run" sounds like our "Campus 14". There's a reason it was banned by the uni (two deaths by drowning in the boating lake).

Good times, good times.

fontgoddess said...

Teetotaling is fun. And then, when you do drink, it gives tequila an extra kick. Anyway, it's a great way to save money: I got 3 Shirley Temple's at happy hour for $0.50! Mmmmm. Yummy drinks for almost free and no hang-over.

Slimey said...

Once at a party in my own home I was drinking a horrible concoction called the Mexican Hitler...equal parts Tequila and Butterscoth Schnapps. A part of me died that night. Haven't been able to touch either spirit ever since, and I go all catatonic every time i see a taco.