Monday, April 24, 2006


Have you ever wanted to see a list of all the celebrities who have appeared in Dictionary Corner on Countdown since 1982? Of course you have. And now you can. Did we really have to wait until 2002 before Pam Ayres was allowed into the hot (warm) seat? A crime!

Did they? Really? Kenneth Williams, Hayley Mills, Ernie Wise
Mental Midget Awards: Paul Burrell, Daniel O'Donnell

Have any of your friends ever appeared on Countdown? Have you? maybe you should!

Disclaimer: despite working from home, John Allison has not watched Countdown since 1998.


Laura said...

I wish I could appear on countdown, unfortuantly I cannot spell to save my ass!

On an off topic note: I've finally managed to get my art print framed and its looking lovely over my bed!

Lucy said...

The permanent lady in Dictionary Corner is big shakes in the world of the English Place-Names Society, which is based at my university (Nottingham). She wrote a book with my tutor!