Saturday, February 25, 2006

The illness has changed me

Blog readers (not the ones who post in the comments about that day's comic - I don't think they read the actual words) will be pleased to hear that I am on the mend. But I am totally ravaged by disease. I have the deth-voice (kind of "GRAARRGHH"), I cough a lot, and I have renounced listening to all music that is not YACHT ROCK.

Yacht rock is a special kind of music. It's aspirational, it's midtempo, it's smooth. It's the kind of thing that Don Johnson would isten to. It's Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates, Christopher Cross. Of course Andrew Gold, of course Fleetwood Mac circa 1987. From now on, I refuse to listen to anything that doesn't slip down easy.

Learn more about Yacht Rock in the short films at Channel 101. You will find yourself transformed. My favourite is episode 3, but it's best to jump in at the start.

Trust me on this one - forget the future: we're on a yacht now.


Jenna said...

At this rate you'll be better for the Thing! Not that I'll be there, but, you know, I worry. Just make sure not to cough on people. I've learned that it will not make you new friends.

Ray said...

I prefer Nostalgic Ode to Eighties Kids Movie Star Rock

I think that last sentence should have had hypens.

Windsor Grace said...

John, I was very sick a few weeks ago and am glad that you are feeling better, but I fear that the sickness has corrupted your music sensibilities.

HorizonPurple said...

I would send soup, but I am vegetarian and only chicken noodle is any help to any ill person.

Bee said...

Michael McDonald: excellent convalescence music. Like Benylin for the ears.

When I'm recovering from a sickness I usually like to listen to Ben Folds, but then he goes and does something like "Brick" or "Don't Change Your Plans" and I start feeling sad. Yacht Rock is probably a better proposition when trying to fight off germs.

Roksx said...

"The illness has changed me" reminds me of that great Brittish blockbuster "Cruise of the Gods", featuring legendary performers like Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan and David Walliams, in which the line "I'm changing" is often repeated.

Though the movie might be a little slow for your average MTV addict, it really is worth watching. Almost the entire film takes place on a cruiseship (larger then a yacht) with smooth music from Jack Jones (the love boat)

John A said...

That Rob Brydon/Steve Coogan cruise thing was all right, I saw it on the TV set. I'M CHANGING!!!!

I hope some of you are watching the Yacht Rock films, they are so funny that I wept a little.

Patches said...

You could probably immitate Michael McDonald very easily by taking a deep breath and singing out gibberish while bracing your stomach muscles for some heavy punchin'. Try it...and remember to elongate the gibberish 'words'!

MooJester said...

well. i have to say that the most recent comic has amy doing hot pants poses. And so you should continue to be sick and maybe even die!.. cause then.. wait.. no. don't die. that would stop THE COMICS.

oh dear, what have i done.

Kitten said...

I am indeed glad that you are on the mend. Good show.

My word verification for this comment is "kmmmfk", which, in happy coincidence, is a word I actually use quite often.

Woody said...

3 stars. I'd almost take offense. SGR is the cat's meow in our circles. And we're all the way out in Missouri, Freedomland.

Keep it up, love seeing changes in your style.

Quinn said...

I think you are contagious, because I just spent the last couple of days with my first-ever case of food poisoning. Infallible logic says you did it to me, from the other side of the world.

Also! Tim looks a bit gaunt--is the stress getting to him? He looks a bit like Abe Lincoln from the side now. It really suits him to be so thin with worry.

Also!! Thanks for the speedy delivery of my LB&E! Somehow your stars (which you drew around Shelly) always make me feel happier than I expect. There could not have been a better way for me to celebrate my recovery from food illness.

I hope you also feel better soon. You know what will always cheer me up? Any of Hayao Miyazaki's films. Try Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.