Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pop video Wednesday (includes problems)

I was very excited today to find the video for "You Made Me Realise" by My Bloody Valentine on Youtube. I can remember seeing this video in 1988 and being extremely scared of the sound of "indie music". It's still a scary song!

I have developed a problem when I see the "Ladyflash" video by Go! team on MTV2. Every time it comes on, I start crying! This is very disturbing, since I have listened to the song dozens of time in my "listening area" with no ill effect. it has happened three times now and I am worried. Field tests are going on, because I think this might be sinister. I tried watching it in Realplayer, but that didn't make tears come out. All I know is this:

1. It features a lot of bright and pleasing strobing colours
2. There are some drumkits
3. And a plane
4. Also cheerful dancing

(point 1 seems the most important)

I am not a habitual crier, even at the saddest things, so my final conclusion is that I am going senile. I am going to form a support group of similar weeping imbeciles.


marianne said...

I just saw the Go! team live. The mix was very bad, but they were bouncy! They would have sounded great had the mixer had his/her proper listening ears on and made the recorder audible, and the secondary vocals, and the guitar, and the keys...
I understand the tears at strange (and not necessarily sad) things - some (poorly scripted, acted and entirely over-emotive) commercials make me weepy when nothing else does. strange.
Perhaps it's a size thing. I know the watching of some movies is only bearable on the big screen (if they happen to be slow moving) or on the small screen (if they happen to be horror films or just really gruesome - erk, blood and gore. I do not like those films at all.). Perhaps you are effected by the colours and movement on your tv but not in the little window the download gives you. We need experiments! And scientists to prove or disprove my hypothesis!

John Riney said...

I think I should mention here that your comic introduced me to My Bloody Valentine back some time ago, and I'm extremely grateful for that fact.

Joel said...

Did you consider the possibility that there's a colony of microbes living on your corneas, and their dancing is causing irritation?

Bee said...

I remember crying while watching Top Of The Pops sometime in 1998, when "Carnival de Paris" by Dario G came on. I think it was the bagpipes that did it.

John A said...

I like your theories, they make sense. I can even believe that someone would cry listening to Dario G. I'm usually asleep for the first 10 minutes that my clock radio comes on and my brain registers whatever song is on as the most beautiful music ever recorded. The songs my sleeping mind has, over the years, declared the greatest of all time:

"Loving You" by Minnie Ripperton
"All 4 Love" by Color Me "Badd"
"You Wear it Well" by Rod Stewart

The list goes on and on, and it is dangerously indiscriminate.

Tom Hardy said...

I have a similar problem to yours, John, with the Ladyflash video. Except whenever I see it on the telly, I start dancing around the room a lot.

Windsor Grace said...

I have had the same problem with the music and the dream...but once when my alarm clock went off and it was playing a Cardigans song, I began having a horrible nightmare. Now I will never listen to The Cardigans again. Ever.

Corwin said...


Hyosho said...

'Cha-Bling!' is truly the neologism for our generation. Expect to see it on the cover of 'Stuff' in 2-3 months time.

Hyosho said...
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