Monday, March 21, 2011

Watercolour sale

I have five watercolour drawings (all on 300gsm/140lb watercolour board) left over from my two-city tour. To prevent a run on them and a spate of refunds, they will be available first-come first-served by email reservation. They're £32.50 each including shipping.

Email with "watercolour reservation" as your subject line and let me know which picture(s) you would like. I'll then direct you to the payment page. If you haven't paid within 24 hours of my sending you to the payment page, I'll cancel the reservation and put the pic back on sale - easy!

Charlotte (21cm x 25cm) SOLD!

Daisy (21cm x 25cm) SOLD!

Shelley (21cm x 25cm) SOLD!

Esther (17cm x 25cm) SOLD!

Susan (21cm x 25cm)


Laura said...

I've been pressing refresh on your shop, twitter and blog for 5 mins now! I'm glad I set my alarm!

Colin Rankine said...

Poor Susan, the internet can be so cruel to tubby girls.

John A said...

Poor Susan! She's not tubby at all! Susan is my fave.