Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Giant Days 2

Giant Days 2 is lightly pencilled in to run from mid-May - not sure as to its length and schedule yet. We will see! In the meantime, to remind you of this prospect, some wallpapers featuring the image below.



Catherine said...

I'm always impressed by your clothing choices. Esther looks adorable!

alice said...

I like Esther's sartorial move from frilly teen goth to foxy corporate goth!

John A said...


I should credit the excellent blog that I get many of the outfits from - including "office goth".

It's a lot of fun, the posts are usually in one of four categories:

1. Photo of Cthulhu crying
2. A fine gouache rendering of a wan and pasty type in a mystery setting
3. A vintage photograph of "the ladies/dudes of the past"
4. A wicked night-dweller's outfit including carefully selected accessories!

Very handy, as I am usually in bed by 11pm and have never seen a ghost.