Friday, March 18, 2011

Forty drawings

Here are forty little drawings, give or take, drawn watching TV last night. Click for a better look!


Ethan said...

Sir John,

Your comic is pretty great and I think you might be worrying too much about readership. I love your playful dialog and your whimsical style. So keep up the good work and don't worry too much!


Smriti said...

Awesome! Are we allowed to guess what you were watching? :P

Stepping on Faces said...

Your linework is so clean! It looks like you didn't have to erase or rework a single drawing. Is that true?

John A said...


of course you can guess!


They're only doodles really so no, nothing was reworked, I just send my pencil out for a walk!

Smriti said...

Take your pic!
1) Desperate Housewives (you'll quit responding to my comments after this, I'm sure!! :P I love the doodle of the lady screaming 'Gregggg'ry!)
2) Mad Men
3) Some crime show! CSI? White Collar?

Did I get any correct?