Thursday, March 03, 2011


Like all sane souls, I've really been enjoying The Killing on BBC Four, an excellent Danish detective series. The characters are great and the production design is excellent. There's something almost cartoonish about the way they all wear the same signature outfits most of the time - Lund's snowflake jumper, Meyer's stripy sweater, Troels Hartmann's purple shirt without a tie! So I have done a few little drawings and if you like them, maybe I'll do a few more.

Sarah Lund

Theis Birk Larsen


DSP said...

I've not seen it, tho I am sane - I'm just not that keen on things were the basic premise of any story is something really nasty happening to someone :shrug: just me :-)

Anyway, the idea of getting the characters to wear 'signature' outfits makes continuity editing really easy - they don't have to worry about which tie one guy was weraing, whether little missy had a scarf on, etc. Aside from the branding tactic, it's a kinda clever ploy to reduce costs and potential errors ;-)

Nice drawings, they definitely have that Allinon touch!

Stephen said...

interesting; I haven't heard of this show (I doubt it's available in the US, let me know if you know otherwise). It sounds somewhat like Wire in the Blood, from what I read; is it similar?


John A said...

Stephen: no idea, never watched Wire In The Blood. A lot of UK shows utilise the same, tiny pool of fairly bland "talent" so I tend to avoid most of them unless there are rave reviews.

There's a US remake of The Killing on AMC later in the year.

Joe Collins said...

Awesome! I thought Lund would never take her jumper off. But then last episode I think she had a new one on! Although it was still woolly.

Chris said...

@John: his name is Theis, not Thies :-)

agapow said...

A bizarre (and amusing) point in the show occurs when at one stage Lund comes home, takes off her Crime-fighting Jumper (tm) and then puts on a nearly identical one. Is there a social code in the jumpers I'm not picking up on ...?

Kishanna09 said...

I've learned a little bit of danish to watch this show! x______x Sarah Lund is a great character! Now I'm watching Forbrydelsen III with english subs. Great!