Friday, July 17, 2009


As a lad I used to like to draw all the characters in the comic I was making, in a row. This legitimised the fact that I would only manage to draw about ten pages about them before getting bored. I think I liked drawing the group pictures and imagining the comic better than producing the finished item. I hadn't done this since 1999 - for fairly obvious reasons - but for some reason I did it just how. Can you guess what their super-powers are?


Anonymous said...

I love this, but it makes me both happy and sad. I would like to see a full-colour version of this, maybe as a high-res wallpaper?

Marianne said...

Poh scares me more than a little.

Roman said...

Lottie's superpower is glowering.

Anonymous said...

Think I'm gonna cry.

the Laugh Lady said...

I think Shelley would have the ability to be cheerful, in high power, changing the moods of those around her. She's my faaaav.

arariel said...

I love this. Would make a great wallpaper.

Maybe it's just me, but the talk of powers makes me mix this one with the xmen drawing you did a while back.

V^e said...

family portrait, makes me homesick

Dharmabum said...

A sad/glad family portrait before the county sheriff moves everyone out of the valley to build another damn. Will we ever be together again?

DCW said...

I can't help but wonder what Shelley, Ryan and Amy are looking at. Must be pleasing to the eye, by the looks of it.

james said...

The younger they are, the less happy they look. Hm.

stereo-tzu said...

I want to purchase this... or something like it, it's a very cool idea!

You're making my wallet burn... you've had enough of money I tell you! ;)

Solar Rhino said...

re Super Powers: We have, of course (back-to-front, right-to-left):

The Javelin
Sinister Specs
The Awesome Awfulizer
Slutstress and Her Overgrown Head Louse
Miss Lucky Getter
Unlikely Joe
The Mysterious Egghead
Simply Divine
Hook4Hands (no one has seen them... and lived!)
and The Terrible Claws