Thursday, July 02, 2009


18 Swashbuckling
13 Sensitive Intellectual
13 Taft Dessert Club
13 Past My Prime
12 Badger Attack
11 Anatomy of a wasp
11 Simon the sentient chimney
10 Insect police
9 Abe Lincoln fart club
9 Not what I asked for
8 Identical car
7 Too many spades
7 Sloth
5 Gorilla hang glider
5 OCD Vacuum
4 Robot scrap
3 Mandrill fever
3 Moon quest
3 What me, pompous?
1 Frog
1 Sport

I will have a go at drawing Swashbuckling, Sensitive Intellectual and Taft's dessert club, and I will attempt Simon the sentient chimney as it looks like a five minute job. I will also try to muster up an anatomy of a wasp tote bag as this might be the place for such things.


Cédric said...

I'm all for sensitive intellectual, even though I didn't vote. What I'd really like to vote for, though, is a zipped hoodie. See, my garde robe is full of t-shirt, but ever since Dorothy Gambrell stopped doing her "deus ex machina" zipped hoodies, my zipping needs have gone unfulfilled. My delinquant activities also suffer a lot from having no hood under wich to indulge in them.
Please, do a sensitive intellectual zipped hoody, mister clothesman !

Zvi said...

it may be too too late but let me put another vote in for insect police, for i think that would be 'fly'. hah hah.

f024 said...

I too would love some zipped hoodie action. They are too infrequent in web-comic land. I don't know how these designs would work across the zip, but I'm sure you can use your myriad talents to make something delicious.

Glenatron said...

I do concur. The major thing between me and owning more of your t-shirts is that I do own quite a lot of t-shirts already. You should perhaps purchase them from more shoddy producers so they fall apart quicker. My "Tupping Liberty" is as good as the day I bought it, although "Best Monkey In The World" is perhaps looking its age a tad.

I don't know that hoodies or anything else in particular is the answer to this ( these days I wear shirts a lot of the time anyways because I am getting a bit older and also increasingly becoming a cowboy ) but diversity is strength!