Friday, July 24, 2009

A3 inkjet party

Dear readers

I am looking for an inkjet printer upon which I can offer A3-size prints. This is mostly for commissioned work, where I would like to be able to do one-off digital pieces in a larger format.

I know that one doesn't have to spend an arm and a leg to get great results from an inkjet these days, but I would like one that is relatively economical, so nothing with a combined CMY cartridge. If you can get archival inks for it, so much the better.

At this point I turn to my readers who work at larger formats to make recommendations. I don't need a beast, just a reliable machine that gets good results.


joe list said...

Here in the Graphic design department of a contemporary Cheshire office we favour the Epson photo 1400.

It regularly misbehaves however, so i cannot fully endorse it.

The ink tends to sit on the paper for a good while encouraging smudging and roller ghosts.

I think i may have just invented the term roller ghost, so be sure to use it everyday.

Nikki said...

I've recently left a photo-printing job in Australia, and we used an A1 Epson 7880 printer for all our large format prints (11x14 and up), and can wholeheartedly agree with joe_list, although it has been replaced with the 1410 now.

I never experienced the problems Joe had, but I've heard that it can happen if you don't use Epson paper? Also, there is something in the 7880 ink (I think, or maybe it was the printer itself?) that makes it dry to the touch when it comes out. If so, the R2880, while twice the price, may be the better option for you, as it uses the same type of ink as the larger format ones do.

Either way, Epson is by far the best for that sort of thing, and I'd recommend talking to an Epson sales rep up in the UK. The ones here in Australia are super helpful!