Thursday, April 02, 2009


Dear reader, has it really been a week and a half since I last posted on "old bloggy"? A crime! A week and a half of Kevin Pietersen, I am so sorry. No one can deny KP's haughty arrogance at the crease but that was too long.

I should say a thing or two about the UK Webcomix Thing! The show grows every year and the mix of old hands and young firebrands is a pleasure to see. At just one day long, it can be a bit overwhelming, and after a very busy day of being "on" I find socialising afterwards difficult, but thank you to everyone who came by to see me, and everyone new who I met afterwards.

I will be back in London at the end of next month for the MCM Expo, where I expect to sell precisely three badges and nothing else to wild-eyed kids hungry for Manga and Colonel Tigh and frakking toasters. I don't know if Colonel Tigh will be there but if he is he better not do me any spoilers as I am just about to watch BSG season 4. I'm not sure what point I'm making here other than that I will be back in a month and three-quarters and therefore I had better make more badges.

Oh, I forgot, quite a few people asked me to draw characters from the Wire for them. I will practice a few more for next time.


K said...

May I express my love for the colour-coded speech bubbles (when Shelley and Amy were in the submarine)? Economical and effective. Unless you're colour-blind, I suppose.

Magic Pants Jones said...

Maybe Omar <3's Landsman, but I can't picture Jay loving the O back. Thank you for making me smile!

Glenatron said...

I wonder if there is room for a crossover between BSG and The BFG. Perhaps it would feature a friendly cylon with large ears.

John A said...

Snozzcumbers with the four corners cut off.