Monday, April 06, 2009

T-shirt bunker

1-800 Beard has sold like earwax on toast and will be retired shortly. I hang my head in design shame. I suppose I had better go down my list from the carnival of ideas and dig out another "winner". Perhaps I will also dedicate some time to prayer.

Nosferatu 28
What Me Pompous 16
Urchin 14
Jazz 11
Spanish Inquisition 8
1-800 Beard 8
Next Pope 7
Gin & Tonic Camel/Ship Of The Desert 7
Stephen Harper 7
Cat Person 7
Action Badger 7
Jelly Time 6
Kerfuffle 5
Burgle My House 5
Whitey Sale 4
8-Bit Elvis 1
Bloody Hellfire 1


Green Gordon said...

You need to allow voting via single transferable vote.

Virtualbri said...

I'm not sure how you produce your shirts, but have you considered using some print-on-demand service to cut your costs?

You'd provide your designs, with little upfront cost to you, and they'd print and ship.

Just a thought, so you wouldn't be so sad when a design doesn't sell like you'd hoped.

autsa said...

I presume what you consider to be a quality design is the opposite of the average soul and perhaps the readers of this blog.

Try a new tactic: put up the worst shirt on the list and see if it takes.

f024 said...

I would most severely desire to see the "What Me Pompous" shirt brought to life. If I ever had any money, I would most definitely purchase it.

Than again, if the same monetary creteria as above were met, I would also heartily buy the crap out of "1800 How's My Beard". So perhaps I am not your target demographic.

I would give you a hug if you were sad though. So I'm not totally worthless.

Tom Nash said...

Oh, bloody hell! I have been moving, John Allison, and forgot to purchase a shirt because of it. But I have been moving because I got a job! And since I have got a job I have also now got a 1800-HOW'S-MY-BEARD shirt. Pending shipping/payment. As of right now.

autsa said...

"I presume what you consider to be a quality design is the opposite of the average soul and perhaps the readers of this blog."

By the way, this should not be read as an insult, you have high quality woven into every stitch.

Kenny said...

I too like What Me Pompous.

Dr. Hastings said...

I'm sorry, John. I really pushed you on that one, and you can put my picture on your dartboard, if that will ease the pain.

Beccy David said...

I promise, regardless of my level of poverty, to buy a Stephen Harper shirt if you made one.

...But also acknowledge that the demographic for the mockery of Canadian politicians isn't as high as it ought to be.

miowbuzzsmugg said...

jelly time would be my jelly shirt.

Tranquil said...

Earwax on toast would make a nice t-shirt...

Don't consider that a vote; my t-shirt drawers are already full of webcomic related shirts that I don't get to where so much anymore.

Tranquil said...

to *wear* anymore.

heartlikeaglass said...

oh....i liked mr. beard quite a lot. just couldn't quite afford to budget for him just yet. ):

Fletcher said...

My mother has the "It is OK to be you" tee and wears it pretty much every weekend. Since she's dressed fairly formally the rest of the week, that means it is probably her most worn casual top. I'm sure she'd like something else expressing a similar sentiment.