Monday, March 23, 2009

Sports and wine

Yesterday Joe List and I reinvigorated sports, one by one, for a grateful nation. I present the evidence below.

These two aren't sporting, they're just for fun


Gene Ha said...

I really like your recent experiments. They're jiggling the art history part of my brain: German Expressionist influences like Emil Nolde, also Rousseau Miro, Picasso, etc.

More importantly, they're both disturbing and funny. If you want to be remembered, you've always got to have something unsettling in your art. And funny is always good.

K said...

John! You drew the tower of my old college in today's strip! (Or I am convincing myself you did.) I am a happy alumna.

scmattes said...

Mr. Allison, I hope you will appreciate this new song by my band - I named it after an SGR quote.