Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rival Schools - United By Fate

In a sense this is wretched, but I was so pleased by the generic city centre tones and barely veiled sentiment that it simply could not be stopped. Ten seconds after I drew it I was clapping like a big baby.

I remember back in '00 when emo was duking it out with crustcore to be number one*. That was a scene. These days crustcore has to hang out in the kitchen at parties with math rock and "drones".

* Number one hardcore punk offshoot enjoyed by people not wearing shirts slamming into one another.


Anonymous said...

I like that album. That is a good album.

jeffrey rowland said...

Holly just saw that design and had a seizure.

Roman said...

I'm still searching for a good working definition of "emo." Someone I work with asked me what emo is today, and I kind of thought about it and decided it's like pornography, in that you know it when you see it (or in this case, hear it).

Rachel said...

It might amuse you to know that in Japanese, "imo" (pronounced exactly the same as "emo") means potato.