Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Changing course

Well, I did enjoy those US mid-term elections. Nothing fills me with excitement like the sound of FREEDOM across the Atlantic. I saw the mighty eagle on the wing this morning and smelled change in the air.

To celebrate all this unbridled freedom, I had a photo-shoot to produce a new publicity photo for upcoming interviews, profile pieces etc. This was my first session with a professional photographer but I'm quietly pleased with the results (below).


Virtualbri said...

Yes, now we can attempt the process of making us not an embarassment to the rest of the world.

Ok, maybe just less of an embarassment.

Nice photo. I think the scarf really shows some joie de vivre.

soda! said...

that is crazy adorable! i'm going to learn to knit by this christmas, so as to make everyone i know scarfs and amazing hats like the one in the photo. which looks very dashing on you by the way!

california voted for the same man as last time! that's not very much change, but enough freedom i guess!

Roman said...

All togged out for winter, but pinker than I remember. Have you recently returned from a tropical vacation?

Patches said...

I see that watching too much US election coverage has made you soft...and pink!

Lucy said...

You are a very handsome man, Mr. Allison.