Monday, November 27, 2006

Goats 2000

Today is the 2000th Goats comic at, on the internet! Jon Rosenberg gave me my big break in "web comics" when I was just a callow youth on Geocities with 47 hits a day. He even came to England in 1999 to teach me the secret "web comics" lore and I reciprocated by introducing him to a drink that is now considered socially unacceptable by many in my land! It was a cultural exchange of ideas that has continued to this day.

In many ways Jon is the grandfather of popular comics on the internet. He opened what some might describe as a MAGIC DOOR. Now he can't close it, no matter how hard he tries. Congratulations Jon Rosenberg, congratulations on this thing that you have done.


Mortal Wombat and the Entourage of Penguins said...

2000 Goats for 2000 Zombie Summonings.

Its a sequal to 7 brides for 7 brothers, but with necromancers.

Crunk Plug said...

ZOMG, DS in panel 3.


Ella said...

will you be at the birmingham comics con next saturday?

John A said...

Hi Ella, no, I won't be at that one.

Ella said...


i was looking for more jutification to go, so far really wanting a signed copy of leviathan is not quite enough.

keep up the good work.