Tuesday, July 18, 2006


A couple of tweaks (given reflection) and I think my new print will be fit for the print shop. I hope you like it! I will probably print this one smaller (A3), but on heavier stock. I'd like to do more prints, they seem a bit more honest than tshirts.

If you would prefer I stick to the poster format of the last print, do let me know via the comments.


Jensine said...

I would most definitely buy this print, but would prefer the poster format.

Gareth said...

I'm definitely too old for posters... which is a bit strange really as just as you get too old for posters you suddenly find yourself with lots of wall space to fill.

The A3 version would be my preferred choice. Number them and stick your signature on them and I can impress my friends by displaying it as art.

Laura said...

Yeah I'd prefer the A3 version considering I just framed the last one anyway. And I agree with gareth, I would be very happy if you numbered and signed them (esp if I got a low numbered one!!)

Teresa Bowman said...

That is a very beautiful print, and may very well be the catalyst that starts me buying John Allison prints. A3 would be my format of choice also.

Sleepery said...

I agree, A3 is for me.

Patches said...

I love the colors and feel on this one, too bad it won't be around to buy at Comic-con!

Hoo-Ray for Octo-beasts!

Liam said...

I must confess, both my SGR and Wigu prints are still in their tubes, due to the fact that I've not got around to properly finding frames for them.

But as I am moving into new accomodation in September/October then will be the best time, I reckon.

Oh, also, I hope you make it to the Lancaster Comics thing, since that is where my student days are spent. Do you think you will be painting any paintings for it? (I am not promising I would buy one, mind you, due to monetary concerns. But I might save up, one never knows).

Miiilo said...

I don't have a particular preference between poster and A3, but it looks good. And don't fun on the t-shirts, mang.

John A said...

Liam, I got some large frames from here:


The website is a bit garish but the standard sized frames are much cheaper than going to a framing shop (A2 for 15 or so quid plus P&P) and they arrived quickly via courier.

Frame 'em up squire!