Sunday, July 02, 2006

A captain of industry reports

Today when placing a print in a clip frame, I accidentally broke the glass in the frame. This was the second time this has happened; on the previous occasion, I knelt on Michael Moore's fat face. I believe this was symbolic of the parting of the ways between me and the chubby polemicist as he completed his transition from thinker to man-brand.

Either that or I am just a clumsy oaf.

Thank you, dear readers, for 9 replies in a day to my previous post. This indicates interest, and I respond to market forces in the only way I know how - with ACTION. Hence my barbecue drawing will, after some careful infill with my best pens, form the next Scary Go Round annual tea-towel. This kind of readeractive market research is how I know that a. I haven't designed a tshirt anyone really liked since "Books Rule" and b. that no one wants me to write any more posts about music.

PS I have thought of a title for the next Scary Go Round collection, which I am very pleased about. It's almost too good a title for one of my crummy books.


Laura said...

YAY Tea-towel! Its become tradition that I buy 2 tea-towels, one for me and one for a present for cheap skate Nick who is always so pleased!

James said...

More music posts!