Monday, July 17, 2006

Nice weather for pleather

Ah, pleather. The all-year round fabric! Suave, luxurious, keeps the sweat inside.

It's meant to be 33 degrees celcius tomorrow, according to the "weatherman", which is obscene - especially considering that for most of the year, my kitchen maintains an ambient temperature very close to that of the outdoors, a temperature that has traditionally proved hospitable for such arctic beasts as the "hoth wampa". With carbon trading on the agenda, why can't I shift ten of those degrees to a miserable day in November? Come on people, we're civilised now. These things can happen.

In the illustration above, the hoth wampa has interrupted my preparation of a delicious lamb chop and is dragging me towards a thorough duffing up.


Gareth said...

I was complaining about how hot it was to a US friend over the Internet.
"Do you have wall units or standalones?" he asked.
"What?" I replied.
"Air conditioning," he responded.
"Air conditioning? This is England. I don't even have air conditioning in my car!"

I'm sure the wampa will drown in a pool of melted snow before he completely gnarls all the flesh from your bones.

Roman said...

Forecast high here in my neck of the woods: 95 F (that's 35 C). Ick. I didn't think the weather was ever as hot as that in England. Here in the northeastern U.S. it's about as hot as it gets. Thankfully I have air conditioners at home (a standalone and a window unit!), even though they give me a headache with their tremendous constant whirring, whirring.

John A said...

Air conditioning is horrible, and expensive, I'm glad we don't generally need it here. I suppose you get used to it but whenever I go to America I become an inveterate secretive nose picker due to the malign intent of A/C.

N.E. USA is hot like the devil's gusset, you need three air conditioners on you at all times.

Roman said...

Try Florida in August. You will know the meaning of the word "tropical."

John A said...

Yes yes but that is the optimum temperature Jimmy Buffett needs to thrive!

Ray said...

I know this is off topic and not the right place to make requests but anyway...

Is there any chance you could post a high-resolution version of the comic at the following link? It's so gosh-darned good I want to print it off and hang it on me wall.

Please? I'll be your best friend. (As my 7 year old nephew frequently says, when he wants something, and everytime he says it he cuts me to the very bone because I thought we already were best friends)

emilyruth said...

It was 34feelslike42 here in southern Ontario today, but in my basement apartment I had to wear a big sweatshirt and socks. If I open my window it becomes, remarkably, cold and muggy. AC is nice in moderation and in cars, but not so much in basements.

Gareth said...

Never has a basement in southern Ontario sounded so attractive.