Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sketch Fiesta 8

Good news, friends! I uploaded a new Sketch Fiesta yesterday. More drawings from the raw, primeval soup of my sketchbook (and a couple that I bothered to colour in).

Young artists! If you aren't in the sketchbook habit, get into it. Having not come from an art school background, it took me a long time to get into the habit of constantly sketching and letting my mistakes sit on the page next to minor triumphs. My art began to take huge strides thereafter, and what's more, I can pin down the times when my art went backwards to the months where I got lazy - forensic style.

The best thing is, when you have to work something up for a proper piece or inspiration is slack, you can probably find something in your sketchbook that offers a starting point if nothing else.

Of course, they can't all be gems.


Kat R said...

Loving me that baby monster XD So cute and potato shaped!

Also, seeing Londi again makes my heart happy!

K said...

You know, I'm finding this slightly hopeful. My desk drawer at work is full of Post-Its that look vaguely like that.