Monday, April 05, 2010

Careers Centre Part 1

Here it is, the first of six parts of "Careers Centre". Careers Centre is of course the follow-up to "Crisis Centre", a somewhat similar six-part comic that I drew last November. I hope that you enjoy it! There's another episode up tomorrow.


While I was looking through my referrers I was amazed to find that David Gaddis links to me. He is not what you would term prolific, but he has incredible skill and his 'Piercing' comic a few years back was a real bar-raiser for good comic art on the web. You can read it all here. I post this link as I lower the bar to floor-level.


Myrte said...

Dear Mr John - I almost never leave posts/comments/reviews of what I encounter on the internet, but maybe you'd find it inspiring to know that I ran into Bad Machinery a couple of weeks back and loved it immediately. Checking it is now the first thing I do in the morning (well, and after checking xkcd and QC, and my e-mail). I await the next story with eager anticipation!

Jeremy D. Impson said...

I knew Shelley was a real person! Did you create her, Weird Science-style? Or see her on a train then obsess over her for months before running into her again at a mate's party?

Gerald said...

I found Bad Machinery through a post on I think it is brilliant. I spent a couple of years in and round Birmingham/Wolverhampton and have since become quite an anglophile. (I am American btw if it wasn't obvious.) I think you have really captured an essence with your art. Love what you are doing here and I've got it marked in my rss feed.

Suzanne Endsley said...

This David Gaddis, I can't quite figure out what to think of him. Google has produced little information. His mystery is very inspiring.. and the words in his most recent comics/drawings...
He fills me with a wonderful bewilderment.

Thank you for opening this door to me.