Monday, October 26, 2009

Ultra news

I can't get into my website at the moment so I am unleashing my news on the blog. It feels different, like shouting at a mountain. I feel the hand of history upon my shoulder.


I have designed three new shirts and they are available for pre-order. You can get them from the Diesel Sweeties Store, where payment is in US dollars, a weak currency there for the savaging.


Scary Go Round Book 8 (as yet untitled) is now underway. I don't know what to call it. I have decided to make it a shorter run than the last few books as it will be born into a world where Scary Go Round (the comic) is fast receding into the past. More news when I have finished re-placing 216 psds in 216 Illustrator files. Don't worry, newer versions of Illustrator are super fast oh wait no they aren't.

Look forward to at least five covers that I decide not to use and up to twenty bad titles.


misterhaan said...

216? but that's 6 times 6 times 6!

Hilary said...

I love them! But I confess that I do not entirely understand the detriment created by enjoying music. It is because I am irreversibly thick, I think.

Sparkles F said...

I love how the boom box looks exactly like a tape. :-D YES!
Enviro-Cat is still gross!

John A said...

Hilary: tinnitus, fiscal poverty.

Thanks Sparkles

Misterhaan: oh god

K said...

I understand perfectly. I have a similar problem with books (more fiscal poverty, lack of storage/living space, tendency to say "What?" when addressed while reading...)

"Sensitive Intellectual" down there is fabulous, and even more fabulous because it has an owl on it.

Sam said...

Dear John,

Having just perused Bad Machinery's nice new cast page I have deduced that you had Amy and Ryan marry purely so the former could have the initials "ABC".

Refute this if you dare! I'm on to you.

Michael G said...

Yay! A Beatles T-Shirt! I love my Zeppelin T-Shirt and will definitely snatch this one up too. I'm still eagerly awaiting a Steely Dan one so I can pretend I'm a Show Biz Kid.

John A said...

Michael G, I would love to make a Steely Dan t-shirt, I would love it the most.