Thursday, October 29, 2009

SGR eBay Rarities Week 1

Over the next three weeks I will be auctioning three copies each of the first three Scary Go Round collections. Auctions end at around 6pm GMT on Sunday. Bid on:

Looks, Brains & Everything 1st Ed
Blame The Sky


Rehevkor said...

£62 for Skellington.. bargain. I have that, I wonder if it's worth letting go :P Maybe in a year.

HPew said...

A handy £160, not bad for three books.

John A said...

It is an extremely useful sum given that changing comics has cost me a lot of readers and, indirectly, cash money. If you're planning on hawking your copies, please take pity and wait for me to finish selling the three of each that I have left.

HPew said...

It is a sad day to see a cartoonist begs his readers: "Oh please God, don't compete against me in the marketplace!" (quote is from another good webcomic)

John A said...

I don't know what to say to that.

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