Sunday, March 15, 2009

My new corporate sponsor

I don't know why I draw these things.

About once a day someone sends me an email asking me to start a Twitter account so that they can follow me. I regret to inform the interested that I find Twitter mystifying and dull. An astonishing wave of smothering triviality! I feel like Donald Sutherland in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers saying this though and by the time we next speak I will have opened an account, my head canted to one side, eyes wide, mouth open in a terrible smile.

I'm still a Friendster man myself.


JessX said...

twitter makes me sad. mostly because i have a sneaky suspicion that that is what my friend was looking at on his iphone during most of the elvis costello/police concert last year. he may not have cared much to see the police but he could've at least feigned interest as the tickets were expensive and i bought him one so he wouldn't have to wander the city alone that night.

John A said...

People who stare at their "devices" constantly when in company should be made to sit in a cold, fast-flowing river of shame for a week.

Roman said...

I hope your friend was checking Twitter during the Police's set.

Elvis Costello can still bring it in live performance, even though he seems to be relegated to "opening" double bills with even more famous performers. I saw him in such a show with Bob Dylan. I love Dylan, but I wanted less Bob and MORE ELVIS.

JessX said...

those people know no shame. it's like having a friend who has a habit of drinking too much and you live near a bar they like. no matter how sheepish they look the next morning when you tell them how they showed up at your door 4am full of bawdy tunes, scotch and embarassing moments, they will be back again in a few weeks for more of the same.

and it doesn't matter if the police can or cannot bring it in a live performance, you still shouldn't be rude to the person who brought you to the show.

Dharmabum said...

Text messaging during shows is like a virus. Talk about an entire generation who are ADD. I went and saw a band play two nights, and the amount of people who spent their time texting back and forth was amazing. Little glowing faces, filled with the wonder of ignoring the really great music happening right in front of them?!?! "I am watching this amazing band!" But I am not paying any attention. Grr.

Oh, and John, yes, your drawing. Are you suggesting that these bag-less vacuums go straight to hell? Perhaps hell is not filled with flames, but lint, dust bunnies and old hair. Still not a place worth vacationing for eternity!