Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't it make my brown eyes blue

Last night I went to see the Envelopes, the excellent Swedish band, and there were about 12 people there. I didn't have the heart to count. I thought this was the most disgraceful turn of events on an indie circuit where "Liam Fray" and "The Courteeners" can pack venues with sets of wall to wall "shit" that makes you want to "die". It was probably down to poor promotion, but I still felt rotten.

Plus (and I do not say this lightly), Joshua Brooks in Manchester is the only venue that makes me want the smoking ban rescinded. It stinks of a different kind of sewage in each of its zones.

Anyway, the Envelopes are amazing quirky pop done right for us all to enjoy, here is their Myspace! When bands play to twelve people two great albums in, they usually split up. So get on the (extremely small) bandwagon while you can!


Jon said...

I had a similar moment like a year ago when I went to see Laura Veirs with about fifteen other people, in SAN FRANCISCO no less. It was very weird. She played a week ago to a packed house at a different venue, though, which was reassuring.

This are some good tunes!

jeffrey rowland said...

Hot dang I just got this Envelopes off emusic and it is wonderful!

We have to save them Johnny

We have to

Rene Engström said...

Haven't read your blog in awhile so this is a nice surprise. Yes this band is quite excellent. What is with this small country just pumping out great pop bands all the time? All we had 10 years ago was Ace of Bace, Cardigans and those "Cotton Eye Joes".

I will be doing all I can to go see them in Malmö at the end of May.