Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Death stalks the cartoonist

I have returned from the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Minehead a broken man, too tough to cry. I have got festival plague, it is all about the mucus and the moaning about my condition now.

Maybe I will revive and live to fight another day, but I am on holiday and typically for my holidays, I am sick. I just could not keep the adrenaline level high enough to power through. Perhaps if you are a sky wizard believer, you could pray for me, or if you aren't, just send me some powerful atheistic vibes and mind transmissions.

I don't think I am going to do a festival review this time as I need to save my energy for disease fighting, antibody production and flu-powder stirring. Tomorrow night I am going to see Mount Eerie in concert and should I survive through the night without having to call a doctor, no doubt I will be so pleased that I will write something about that instead.


Lock said...

Exciting! I saw mt eriee last summer and it was pretty incredible given that it's one guy and an acoustic guitar. Hope you're feeling better.

LaRissa said...

Please don't die. please.
i do not beg much... but i dare say i would be heart broken and mourn your loss greatly.

In other news, i am also sick! I happen to live a long way from you... so maybe the plague is upon us!

If you do die before me, could you please pet death's bunny for me?

Devin said...

phil knows how to cure the common cold