Thursday, February 14, 2008

Me and the boys from Brussels

I had that Jacques Delors on the phone the other day after I complained about the USA constantly fingerprinting me and making me queue for a long time. "Johnny," he said, "you have done more for freedom and transatlantic relations in the last 9 years than any other man alive." Of course I thanked him - it's nice to be appreciated.

"It's a cuss of the first order from the USA to make you stand in a queue and maybe miss a connecting flight. We'll bite back. Leave it to me and my crazy good legislating skills." Here's what happened.

I'm sorry I started this now. Jacques is a good lad, but he's over-eager. Now what are we going to do?

PS Happy Valentines Day to everyone who does not have a sweetheart. I am not going to kiss you all because I don't want to catch a cold. Divide yourselves into boys and girls and work out who you want to kiss, school disco style. It will be fine.


LaRissa said...

Even though i have a sweety, Happy Valentines day!
I'm not sure that politicians aren't using this whole terrorism thing as an excuse to take control of America using the average joe's fears of being blown up.
I hope your ruling govern is not the same.
I however have never been on a plane so i really have no concept of how hard it is to reach your flight. I just wish all of this silliness were over, so i can one day see my fav webcomic in my home state of Michigan!

Roman said...

George W. Bush won re-election in 2004 largely because his campaign stoked people's fears of another terrorist attack. In my opinion, they scared just enough Americans into voting for them and narrowly won. I guess that qualifies as an excuse to take control of America. It's easy to veer into conspiracy theory territory on this one, but as with so many outlandish ideas, there is a kernel of truth there.

John A said...

Man what left wing lib'ral nonsense, Bush won because freedom runs through his veins and he is the only man who can keep America safe. VOTE HUCKLEBY 08! BROCK OBERMA NO!

John A said...

George W. Bush has an arm made almost entirely of freedom. John Kerry's swift boat was no match for it.

John A said...

Wait sorry, typo, JOHN KEWWY.

I have been reading American political blogs for a long time and I know how to keep the discourse on track.

Roman said...

Then you'll no doubt remember that John Kerry looks French. And Barack Obama is a Muslim. Allahu Amerika!

Sleepery said...

I would put Bush's victory in '04 down to two things:

1. The democrats dove into their trunk of candidates and plucked out the least electable, least likable guy possible, and

2. Much of the country did not want to shift chief executives in the middle of a war.

Obama is similar to Kerry in that he's thin on accomplishment, but immensely more likable. He just might do it.

scuffy said...

well, geez, what about the girls that like kissin' girls and the boys that like kissin' boys?