Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's my lucky day

Did you hear that Nicholas Gurewitch is winding up Perry Bible Fellowship? This is fantastic news. All I need is the following things to happen and I will be the creator of the greatest comic on the internet:

Chris Onstad (Achewood) decides to concentrate on carpentry, Jimmy Carter '80 style
Kate Beaton (Kate Beaton) retires to Orkney to breed bonxies
Kelly Vivanco (Patches) finally gets her call up to the US hang-gliding team (she's so close!)
Aaron Diaz (Dresden Kodak) announces his "fingerpainting period" has begun
Steven Cloud (BOASAS) vanishes in Mongolia
Dorothy Gambrell (Cat & Girl) takes public office
Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie) and Chris Hastings (Dr McNinja) destroy each other in a blaze of anger and recrimination
James Turner (Beaver & Steve) will go pearly full-time

Do you suckas not understand? I will be the last man standing, ride your "talent", "ability" and "skill" all you like, but the tenacious battleship barnacle of webcomics (me) will not be denied!


Bad Andy said...

Watch out John. I'm catching you up with my Life on Mars pastiche.

Roman said...

You are like a weird hybrid of Richard Nixon and Mick Jagger, except with webcomics.

spugmeistress said...

*personally* i think you are already leagues ahead of a couple of those guys (especially with the current amy/ian mcshane tag team), but hey, you can't blame a girl for bad taste ;)

a question though, are the E's in today's comic stylized £'s or €'s? apologies for ignorance if this has already been explained/shown, i am sleepy and have been watching too much mighty boosh.

Stephen said...

I think it's a limitation of the font he has chosen to use for the strip, rather than some esoteric currency. Unless they're talking about holiday insurance forms?

To be king of the komics, you'd need to start working computer games in there somehow. Have Ryan play a DS in most strips.

John A said...

Spugmeistress: there is no £ sign in the font I use.

Stephen: I am ranking myself on my own critical scale which does not involve "compuster gems".

spugmeistress said...

aaah that's fair enough :) i only ask because they use euros in the last series of the (london-situated)boosh and was wondering if tackleford had decided to do the same, or if there was a sly 2nd hand shop reference in there. had never noticed the font thing before.

Sparkles F said...

My opinion usually counts for a lot to people who know me, and I think you are the best already, so take that for what you will, King of the Intarnet Comics.

Rene Engström said...

I will destroy you Viking style!

Seriously, yours is the only comic I make sure to catch every day!

dale o'flaherty said...

John! Save me one of the Blame the Sky books! I'm totally going to England now! I'd have to book a plane (Ireland)Is there any way I could guarantee a copy?

Tranquil said...

I would so vote for Dorothy Gambrell if she took up public office. In the Reading West constituency. Which would be a little odd.

An I second spugmeistress' comment regarding your score in web-comic awesomeness being in excess of those other noted individuals.

Tranquil said...

Also, Aaron Diaz finger paintings would be adorable, and potentially more popular than is current, very cool, comic. The internet is fickle, loves anything cute and sometimes values obscurity over quality.

the erudite baboon said...

I can feel the pearls calling me even now!