Thursday, June 28, 2007

Its a seriou's problem!!!

What is going on on the BBC news website today? Its apostrophe armageddon! Everywhere I look, willy-nilly misappropriation. Its a disgrace and I will be writing to those fiend's about their slapdash effort's! Perhaps it is the new strain of life in Brown's (Browns) Britain.

In other, correctly punctuated news, I will put eight hoity toity prints (of 20) on sale on the website next week. I have run out of archival paper and I don't think you want them printed on toilet paper or old gas bills.



Leon Watkins said...

Oh, I don't know; Old gas bills would have a BBC freindly "social history" angle to them. And would appeal to the stalker contingent that comprises 21.6% of the internets populace.

Sparkles F said...

Yes for success!
Thanks, Jon! Or is it thank's?

rob said...

The greengrocer's apo'strophe ha's gone wild in Britain. I hope that the di'sea'se doe's not 'spread acro's's the ocean to Freedom Land!

Drew Falconeer said...

I could be the dunce, but everytime I read something is going for sale... I can't find it anywhere. Are these supposed to be on sale on the SGR shop, on eBay, or they aren't up yet?

I feel like there's a permanent party going on to which I am permanently uninvited.

John A said...

Usually I put the items up for sale a week late, then they sell out in half an hour. When I do a limited print sale I always put a link on the blog so I would add it to your RSS feeds or just check back often!