Monday, June 04, 2007

End of an era

On Wednesday the last dangerous appliance that I bought with my house is being rooted out and cast into a dustbin. Following the deaths of Exploding Oven, Rusty Fridge and Carbon Monoxide Production Specialist Fireplace, later this week I bid farewell to Gas Hob That Doesn't Spark On The Left Hand Side And Sometimes Leaks A Bit Of Gas - or as I call him, Steven.

The passing of the last of the "enemies within" will be marked by a five-gun salute outside Chadderton Town Hall. Anyone who wants to come down and twist a sticky dial, or wave a match around a suspicious-smelling burner one last time, is more than welcome.

I also intend to make flapjacks from the 17 years of crumbs firmly wedged between the lip of the hob and the work surface. These are strictly for display and not to be eaten.


Amanda said...

Happy five-year SGR-versary!

CND said...

As both a North American and a magic mushroom connoisseur, I initially figured a gas hob to be a small critter that sneaks about at night, stealing gas and lighting the occasional strictly ornamental candle.

In any event, a very happy 5 year anniversary! I've been reading for well on three years now, and it's been a wonderful treat.

Laura said...

God I can't believe its been 5 years! It makes me feel old! Esp as I was reading Bobbins before that too!

Lisa said...

Thank you for making my favorite webcomic. I hope you keep making it at least until I am dead.

Oliver Brackenbury said...

If Lisa dies before I do, then please keep going until I die.

That...that would be nice!

Way to go on five years of quality!

Rothers said...

Hi Johnny

Ah, the gas hob - the last bastion of the previous owners!

Congratulations on 5 years!

Lisa (from up the road) XX

Jenny said...

Yay! Five years and your appliances didn't kill you. I guess they just gave up.

Leon Watkins said...

5 years - nice one. You've even got more polite to interviewers as well. You may well yet become the grand old man of web-comiking. well, at least here in good old blighty.

Simon said...

Be careful, they may have left a rogue agent.