Monday, June 11, 2007

In my world "funny" is never going to be a noun

It's the 11th of June and boy is it ever warm. The sun is going beserk and we will cook like clams on concrete.

It is just 7 weeks until San Diego Comic-con, the premier event in the comics calendar. I haven't been for the last couple of years because it is expensive and about 18,000 miles away. As a working man at a working show, one starts in a negative financial position and hopes to move oneself into a positive financial position through charm and weasel words. This is a lot harder when you're 8 hours adrift and surrounded by fat, sweating stormtroopers.

So as I will be a walking dead man when I hit California soil, it is Up To Me to Arrive Prepared. Here are the tasks I have assigned myself:

1. Crank handle on button machine, making badges for the ages
2. Draw a small and terrifying "mini-comic" then fold that mother
3. Make "limited prints" for people good enough to show up with too much money/gratitude

I can work the button machine like a devil, and small, terrifying minicomics are just a matter of sitting down for a couple of hours in one place, folding folding folding. But what shall I render on these "limited prints"? Nothing works, nothing works!

I think the immense efforts of SECRET PROJECT X (now 71% complete) might have broken my brain. More later.


Roman said...

It's no secret - I love making buttons with the button machine we have at my place of work.

soda! said...

secret project is TOTALLY THRILLINGGG (i do hope the broken brain damage is not irreparable)

also i will be looking around at universities in southern california in july and the possibility of CROSSING PATHS WITH THE WHIZ at a convention for comics is THRILL X2

i would buy a limited print of ryan. (i am sorry i know everyone likes the pin-ups of the ladies but i've always liked drawing boys better anyway O:)

DIegOO said...

i was checking scarygoround as every mon-wed-fri, and i nottice something very very cool, last week, scarygoround became 5years old, and all i wanted to say is that the comic is the best from the best, five years and the great work have never gone a little lousy or boring, keep up with that work cUz it GREATT

Anik said...

Whenever I hear of a comic-con happening within easy travelling distance, I think, "Wouldn't it be fun to go and meet some of the talented folk who entertain me so much while I'm supposed to be doing work."

But then I recall phrases like "fat, sweating stormtroopers" (or "grown men in Sailor Moon costumes") and suddenly comparison shopping for a new toothpaste sounds like an exciting alternative.

Now the phrase "limited prints" enters the fray, so if I were within easy travelling distance of this Con I would be very conflicted indeed! Instead, I can only pine.

fingle said...

I'm saving my money and my gratitude for San Diego, so maybe I can buy a print, and my wife can buy a terrifying mini-comic, and my kid can buy some buttons (she's fourteen, and buttons are currently Very Hip with her, so good timing!) and we will all express our profound appreciation of your work and we will NOT be dressed as Stormtroopers.

A Limited Edition Print for San Diego? Well, Charlie Lindbergh once showed up there to take delivery on a small, silver monoplane that he promptly named for some other city, and there's a huge Navy base and a ton of bars (imagine!) but other than that, it's just a dustbowl. A dustbowl filled with restaurants and booze and sun and tourists...

Maybe you could do a poster that resurrected Tim's 1954 Ford pickup truck? From a long time ago? That was an great truck.

John A said...

Fingle I think you do a disservice to San Diego, which has a very nice art store and a big pink mall. But I take your point. It's also very easy to accidentally almost drive into Mexico.

Soda!: I am glad you are keeping an eye on SECRET PROJECT X, which today marched on to 75% completion. Hopefully I will see you in summer and you can claim some free items!

Diegoo: in your honour I will try never to be lousy.

Anik: it's not all Stormtroopers, most manga readers are small, thin, and clean, and there are an awful lot of them. But don't come on account of limited prints until I actually manage to make some! I will have a huge wedge of original art though.

Fingle: you will be delighted to hear that my mini-comics are almost always free and when you read them, you'll see why. They're very dense, they don't make sense. They're improvised!