Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Memory Layne

I found this page on my site today. That was quite a maverick design! And who can forget the Sons Of Mongor... I wonder where they are now and what they're doing with their lives. I've thought about doing some more creatures, but nothing I've come up with has been quite good enough. There is a big white earwig prototype that was so utterly terrifying that I had to lock it in a room and throw away the key. It really is creepy.

The good news is that I'm putting the remaining limited prints from the London show on sale today. The page is up, the fix is in!

The final news today is that I have bought Manga Studio, a computer program for people whose lives lack speed lines. I can't really draw very well (living as I do in WOBBLE TOWN UK) with my graphics tablet but I was trying to work out how to use it last night and drew the following mysterious image.

Please, don't ask me.


Roman said...

I have a Son Of Mongor! (I believe he is #10). He hangs out on a bookshelf in my small spare bedroom, next to a pair of 3-D glasses.

Laura said...

I have 2 Son's of Mongor.. one with your signature! They are happily among my books on the shelf!