Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ingress & egress

My travels to and from the USA on this particular voyage have been tricky. I was stuck for about ten hours at Newark last week because of the weather, and on the way back I now find myself having missed my flight home and "on standby" for the last gosh-darn bus out of town. Where? NEWARK. How can this be? It seems that Freedom comes at a price, and that price is incarceration in an airport in New Jersey for an indeterminate time frame.

"On standby" means "riven with stress". It is a semantic thing invented by the airlines to distract you from the uncertainty of your immediate future. I only hope my strict adherence to the principles of freedom throughout my visit will grease my departure somewhat. I love freedom, even though Newark International Airport is trying to make me hate it.



Christophe said...

You can't fool me terrarist!

bad movie night said...

you have to pay a toll to leave new jersey. not to get in, only to leave. it's a horrible plot by the new jerseyans.
thank you for coming to america. it was very nice to meet you!!! (i was the crazed fan who had a scarygoround tattoo and a crazed look in my eye.)
you were more fabulously british and quietly charming in real life than i could have hoped!

Tom Meade said...

A lot of stuff seems to be going-down in Newark lately.

Chris said...


Technically Newark Airport promises only Liberty, nothing about Freedom.

Roman said...

Ouch. Unpleasant. But think to yourself: does this beat spending weeks on a leaky boat? I think it does.

Zach! said...

Well, if I could, I would pay the price of stress for you gladly.

Sorry my promise of "standing around your table all day" panned out to "standing cautiously around, darting in to buy books, smiling sheepishly, then wandering away," which probably made it more difficult for you to recognize me. I know this was a goal of yours, after all. I did sport my Saddest Wookie shirt and I was glad to do so.

Really, it was a pleasure to meet you. Or, barring meeting, I suppose it was a pleasure to stand awkwardly at your table hardly saying a word. That is a task I excel at.