Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Almost (almost) there

After months of wrangling and worry, I finally have copies of SGR book 4 in my hands. They won't be on sale until they get off the boat from old Colombia in about 4 weeks (no pre-orders), but hopefully at that point someone will want to buy one. I can tell you the following facts about them:

* They feature 216 pages! That is 16 more pages than "Skellington"!
* They will cost £10, just like all the other collections!
* There will probably be new combo packs but don't ask me what they will contain because I don't know!
* There are lots of new drawings, a couple of new comics pages, some sketchbook pages, and chapter commentary by Shelley!
* It features all the stories from "Election" to "Battle Of The Bands", apart from the Oldbourne story! That one wasn't very good!
* And etc!


Roman said...

"Oldbourne" was a cute story, don't kid yourself. But yeah, if something's being sold on the internet, it's worth doing it right.

DeJinn said...

Congratulations on this latest release. Consider me sold.

Christophe said...

If you combo pack it with Looks, Brains and Everything my overstretched credit card will be eternally grateful.

Hell, throw in the art print, The Google is Ruining Everything tee (for my bro) and then we're really talking...

I miss having money.

bad movie night said...

OH MAH GAWD! i can't wait!!!! make it come faster, i demand it! :D i know i'll be ordering a copy as soon as it's available!!!!! rar!

Jon said...

Man I hope I can get a copy at SDCC, even if you aren't going to be there!

Agnes said...

Tee hee! You sound like a popjustice entry. Also, when I have money (which will happen one day) I will buy a book. Until then, I'm afraid all funds will go towards keeping me alive (I am young and frivolous).

Aidan said...

If not in here, are you going to work the Oldbourne story into a future book? Maybe a limited mini-pressing?

I liked it quite a bit. [that is to say, enough to pay for it on paper]