Sunday, July 24, 2005

What have I done?

Vera Brosgol asked me what my top ten songs of all time are. Obviously to work this out, I had to do a list of 100. Now things are out of control.

I had to make up some rules:

1. Has to have been a single
2. One song per artist
3. Songs must have achieved a certain vintage (4.5 years, ie 1/6 of my life) to ensure lasting appeal

Thank god the iTunes music store has sound clips or this would take all day.

Recent questions I have asked myself/statements I have made:
"Which is the best Erasure single?"
"It really never got worse than the Wildhearts, did it?"
"Motownphilly back again, with a little bit of east coast swing"
"Gulf War means JESUS JONES"


Damo said...

Oh man. You can't expect to write things like that about The Wildhearts and get away with it.


John A said...

They deserve credit for keeping the grebo rock genre alive ten years beyond any other exponent of the style. For the same reason, they should be locked up.

I'm more of a Camden Lurch/Fraggle man.