Thursday, July 14, 2005

Facts about ME

Dear John

you are dark character, constantly pursued by a floating skull in a grainy photo that is the only way that we (the readers) can know you. You soundtrack your life with a selection of very carefully chosen "indie" records by the likes of Jacob's Crumbhammer (Canadian post-rock par excellence) and C86 favourites The Ironing Boards. You let the back of your iPod get all scratched so you wouldn't have to accidentally catch your own gaze. Sometimes you think about a girl you knew and draw her name in a biro tattoo under a unicorn on your arm. John, why is your favourite website Popjustice?

Kind regards
Your readers


Josh said...

Dear Readers,

I don't know, but I'm prepared to bet that you will spend about five minutes reading it before adding it to the carefully - nay, meticulously - selected contents of your 'music websites' Firefox tab, right between Pitchfork and the Decemberists website.

And you will like it.

Yours faithfully,

John Allison
("Alas poor Yorik, must you stare at me while I practice Chopsticks?")

Corwin said...

Dear Readers,

These are all very good questions. I don't have any answers.

Now we dance the dance of the cannibal monkeys.

Yours in high fidelity,

John Allison
("First you get the sugar, then you get the money, then you get the women.")

Bee said...

Appearances (and general musical tastes) can be deceptive.

I know a bloke who is like the male equivalent of Dark Esther; he likes the rock. He dresses darkly and wears a dark beard. He has a vast collection of Fear Factory t-shirts. So why does he go wild with glee when a wedding reception DJ plays a record by Boney M?

sbma44 said...

Dear JohnA,

why does SGR not have an RSS feed, but SGRblog does? I guess perhaps blogger handles it for you. Nevertheless: a comic RSS feed would be nice.

Some Quarrelsome Nerd-o

John A said...

I only use my computer for running my empire, and could no more make an RSS feed than I could seize the moon from the sky and put it on a pole in the back yard. I'm sorry that I'm not a "nerd" but life is short and I am busy!

lost at sea said...

Hey, I already did that to the moon.

Dear John Allison,

Despite all your odd habits and peculiar actions and funny quirks, we love you anyway because you allow us to forget that we don't actuall exist, and let us hang out with odd people with funny ways of talkin'.

Yours for a bit,
Your Readers

Red_Dog said...

Who are these 'readers' of which you speak? I only come to look at the pictures...

Red_Dog said...

P.S. Oh, and C86? It's The Woodentops all the way for me!

Mr. Driller said...

Dear John Allison,

I bet Internet You is just like the Real You. I, however, come across like a fucking devil boy.

I had a point to this, but iTunes randomly threw on some Dandy Warhols and by the time I'd panicked and changed it I'd forgotten what it was.

stokage said...

John A is a nice lad who fetches the marmalades and jams when asked by his mum, and spreads them on granddad's toasted muffin for him, because granddad's arthritis is too bad these days.