Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I've been working on Bad Machinery for about a year straight without a break and need a couple of weeks off, so I would like to ask if anyone wants to do a guest strip for me. This isn't a blind call for entries, as if I don't know your work I can't just say go for it, you know, in case of problems. But drop me a line at if you have a plan for the empty space and hopefully I can fill two weeks with ease.

* Strip can be Bad Machinery or Scary Go Round based
* 880px wide max, 662px high minimum
* Deadline September 25th
* Any questions, post a comment!

The only certain recompense is a link back to your work, and my gratitude, but if you meet me in person I will shower you with rewards.


David said...

You don't know my work, my webcomic is barely two months old. However, if you want to take a look and are hurting for a spot to fill, I would love to fill one.

I promise to make no Twilight or Inception jokes.

Dave P

Anonymous said...

"it's as if Maurice Sendak and Edward Gorey had a baby, and all that baby did was read H.P. Lovecraft."

Chris said...

I would certainly like to see a guest comic by the Lovecraft man.

James said...

Damn... seeing Tim, Ryan-Classic and Amy-Classic brings the nostalgia back! I only wise I could draw even stick figures to help out :/

Sweet said...

Today's strip (sept. 8th) mentioned 'choo-choo bear'. Is this a reference to Randy Milholland's 'Something Positive' character of the same name?

If not, it should be, for Choo-choo's a fairly remarkable animal as well :)