Saturday, September 18, 2010

Art watch

I've become a bit frustrated with Twitter of late, it's a quick way to get a lot of attention to something, but they're blips of attention and noteworthy items soon get lost. I've decided to return to the gentler pleasures of the old(er) ways, and the art discovery posts I've been making on Twitter will move to this general area.

First up, a wonderful illustrator from France, Aurore Damant! Fantastic work with kind of a John K feel.

Even though I don't really like cats, I like her cats. Cats!


Jonathan Edwards said...

She's working with my friend, Ian Carney, on a series called Commander Clark. It looks amazing! Her work is beautiful.

John A said...

It's a small world, and your ally Mr Carney seems to bestride it like a colossus.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Yes, a scouse colossus in satin KISS tour jacket.