Monday, September 07, 2009

At last at last

Here it is, the new comic, "Derren Brown Reveals". In association with the noted mesmerist, a series of adventures where the titular mind-man investigates fabled beasts. A sneak preview:

Wait hang on that isn't the new comic AT ALL.


JonathanCR said...

Judging by the latest trailers for whatever his new show is, Derren Brown is increasingly turning into the "look into my eyes, not around the eyes" character from Little Britain. He's gone right beyond self-parody into some bizarre hinterland of camp. Undoubtedly he has used his powers to channel a preview of a forthcoming show into your mind; we can expect "Derren Brown investigates the yeti" on UK Living early next year.

Toni Jover said...

that was cruel, John, you're playing with our stressed hearts :-P

Jim said...

Derren Brown is turning into the Master from Doctor Who. The Anthony Ainley Master from Doctor Who at that. Its only a matter of time before he kills someone and leaves a tiny doll like corpse in his wake.