Sunday, January 04, 2009

A technical man

You may remember my wails of complaint a couple of weeks back about my tablet PC and the Manga Studio 4 ink blobs. I had the opportunity to try out a clean install of Windows Vista and it happened there too.

I did manage to make it stop though. If you switch Manga Studio to "Wintab" mode in the preferences from "Tablet PC", you don't get the 1 in 100 strokes that loses pressure sensitivity (though you can enjoy a great simulation of how you would draw if you were steaming drunk). I think it's a Wacom Penabled driver problem linked just to this one application. In any case, since this isn't the machine I draw the comic on (you may remember my ancient two-ton second-hand Cintiq) I will wail no more.

I would however feel a lot less mad if one other person on the internet reported having this problem. The problem being, apparently, a ludicrous executive toy for a computer and a nice piece of software the authors let you (me) have for free.

More digital art yarns later in the week!


Valry said...

Remember a few years back when Tackleford was buried under 20 feet of snow? That's what my little world is like right now. We keep getting ridiculous amounts of snow. Apparently that's what it's "always" like around here, but I've been here for almost 8 years now and this is a first......


Edmund Ward said...

Valry, snow is pretty.
And John, just wanted to say that I think 2008 has indeed been a very strong year for SGR. I particularly enjoyed the Bell. The Carrot stuff was also great. Esther & the Boy continue to please