Thursday, January 15, 2009


The site is down and I don't know why, maybe it will be back up again later today, or maybe it is all over for me on the internet and it is time to dedicate myself to public service.

Here is today's comic to remind you of what it was like when I had a web site.


Brett said...

You will have a website again, I have faith in the ethernet. More importantly, Shelley's new hairstyle looks like a middle aged housewife from Utah's.

John A said...

I was going for Pam Dawber circa 1978. So you are essentially correct.

Morgan said...

I'm excited to see Amy's finished product.

Valry said...

A middle aged housewife from Utah would have have hair that was platinum blonde, dyed black, or dyed brunette. Never red. And it would be either an over-styled a-line bob cut, possibly with side-swept bangs, or else a fairly short and spikey I'm-trying-to-look-as-young-as-my-daughters-which-is-probably-true style. And it would be set with no less than half a can of hairspray.

John A, you are a master of hairstyles. Every time I think I'm going to take in a strip to my stylist and get it done you come up with another amazing style. I will never be able to decide which I like most!

(Of course I read SGR for more than the hairstyles. I think.)

lou said...

Hairstyles, and also fashion.

I am constantly amazed at how plausibly-dressed your characters are, and how each has his or her particular, highly-consistent style.

It's little details like that which mean I'm invested enough to be secretly pleased when made-up people finally get laid!

/gushing fangirl

K said...

I'm with Lou.

Shelley's new hair looks remarkably like my sister's new hair. Cute, and slightly curly.

I am also excited that Amy's fringe is now pink. Though judging by how long Esther's pink 'do lasted, I'm not counting on it sticking around.

K said...

"It's the school frog, innit."
Hee hee hee hee hee!

If I was the sort of person who said "made of win", that's what I'd be saying.

Frl. Valry Hensel said...


The Brits are so polite!