Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mystifying concepts desk

I have a lot of sketches knocking around for prints and posters that, as you have probably guessed, I will never make because of certain problems. Here's one that I quite liked, but should really be a poster for a rock show.

For example
+Bob Groke
and Jimmy Giggles

At Manchester Dog & Other Dog



Poor Yorick said...

Would you ever consider making a sorta super-secret sketchbook of Unmade designs? Because that would be really keen. This particular example is particularly fantastic. Plus, fake rock show posters are the best.

John A said...

There has been talk of the super secret sketchbook or "ideas book" but like the good squirrel I am most of these nuts are buried for re-examination at a later date. I have 8 or 9 sketchbooks jammed full of pictures like the pages I posted a couple of days ago so at some point I'm sure there will be a harvest.

Edmund said...

Ah man, it's a shame that ones on the scrap heap 'cos I really like the boxing gloves amy. I'm thinking, a nervous looking shelley in the background and that would make a neat print