Friday, April 20, 2007

He's a blade, he's a renegade

What happened to my blog? i seem to have abandoned it over the last couple of weeks. I don't suppose anyone really wants to read about how I am eating some Easter eggs very slowly, or how I planted a rhododendron today. These things aren't the fiery facts that force recumbent internetters off their asses and out of the front door full of jellybeans.

I don't think I have any projects to tell you about. I haven't forced another rusting appliance into my back yard.

I did want to say a brief word about t-shirt artist/painter Todd Goldman and his Dave Kelly art-stealing saga. It was a blatant and ugly steal, but the red-faced, hysterical table thumping from the webcomics community, a community that frequently feeds upon licensed properties (when not feeding upon itself), was a bared backside begging to be struck with a banjo.

No one is innocent. Todd Goldman was undoubtedly handed that picture by a studio assistant. When a web cartoonist who has made a tshirt with a Star Wars related design gets a cease and desist letter, it's a badge of honour. When the shoe's suddenly on the other foot, there's a collective move up onto the table with skirts raised - and let the screaming commence.

Go crosseyed talking about "fair use" if you wish, but you'll waste a lot of breath. It's the same thing.


Tanukitsune said...

It's true some of the people who came in Dave Kelly's defense are actually selling Star Wars or something similar, but I don't think that the majority of the community is "leeching" from others, excpet maybe gaming and "geek" comics...

Tim said...

Good Point.

I think the main beef here was the exactness of the copy. Variations on a theme can be snarled at, but it's like yelling into the storm. It's when an exact copy surfaces that it's just wrong.


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Virtualbri said...

Maybe some of the shrillness should be tempered, but I agree with Tim above that it's one thing to take something iconofied in pop culture and make a funny shirt, and another to *trace* an entire piece of art nearly exactly.

John A said...

It was a pretty wobbly copy, I thought. But if someone paints a slightly wobbly copy of the Sgt Pepper album cover, should they give all the money to Peter Blake?

Of course I recognise the difference between those two examples.

My beef is not with the crime itself - it's with the disproportionate hysteria that seemed to come as part and parcel of the response. To the outsider, suddenly it's one man versus a howling "community". It has achieved the seemingly impossible and made Goldman look like the David rather than Goliath.

Anik said...

Nobody has said anything about the rhododendron -- I worry about people's priorities here.

Tom said...

I hope that you weren't eating those Easter Eggs for your dinner.


Daniel said...

it made me chuckle that you refer to David And Goliath.

Scientivore said...

Here is a more comprehensive revelation of Todd Goldman's plagiarism.

Yes, the response had some shrillness to it. I consider it justified. He didn't just make unlicensed reference to a copyrighted intellectual property as some webcomickers have done. (Although, it has been alleged that he also did that, with an Absolut Slut T-shirt.) His design plagiarism assaulted the idea that originality of design has value.

You're one of the most original designers on these here interweb pipes. He insulted your value.

John A said...

Don't get me wrong, I think what Todd Goldman does is awful. The response has equated to the high school nerd committee finally being given the opportunity to whale on a jock. In becoming a part mob, from my point of view whatever made you righteous is lost.

Leon Watkins said...

I think you need a new blog - John A: Voice of Reason. Oh wait, people would think you're being conservative with both little and capital C's. So scrap that idea. Still, I like your thinking on these things.