Monday, April 23, 2007

Fancy womerns

I was delighted and excited to learn about today the existence of "Unknown Hinson", depicted below. I have never heard his music, and I think to hear it would only disappoint. Just to know that this man is out there is enough for me.


Roman said...

A younger me would have probably bought his record at once.

Chris said...

move over sonic the hedgehog... i have a new hero

srita. morsa-leshuga said...

hi! i'm a big fan of your comic! :D i want to ask if it is posible for you to make a tutorial on how you do ur webcomics, 'cause i've had the idea for doing one myself.
tnks for ur time :D

Leon Watkins said...

hey srita, I really don't know if its my place to say this, but it might be worth you having a look through Johns site - the development of his work, as a fellow artist (hopefully!) will be instructive in itself. It's changed drasticly a few times, and it's probably one of those things that never really gets settled, and I know that there's been a fair amount of discussion about it all around. It's a real shame that the little news posts are not archived, as there have been some nice little gems there. Also have a good read through this blog, as there are quite a few projects which you'll get to see the workings of.

(Mr Alison, please feel free to delete this if I'm being a bit previous - cheers)

John A said...

That's fine Leon!

There's also a tutorial on how I made the earlier, cleaner looking comics on the site here.

Blake said...

John, Unknown Hinson is a fantastic audio experience. The cd recordings do not do him justice. I've seen him live a few times and it was amasing. You really should pick up some of his music.

As a side note, Hinson also voices the character "Early Cuyler" on the cartoon "Squidbillies."