Thursday, January 04, 2007

Super Gal

I did the picture below as a wedding present for my friends Beth and Emeka. They got married, it was a good deal. I didn't just give them a PNG file, you understand. Even I am not that cheap. I had it etched into the side of a mountain.


Helen said...

Aw that's nice. Congrats Beth and Emeka.

Supergirl's pupils are LARGE. Surely she is not on drugs?

bethany_lucas said...

Yay, Supergal is fantastic- in fact I am looking at the picture on my wall right now and it looks great! But John, you are going to have to show me where this mountain is buddy, that sounds awesome! And thanks for your very esteemed appearance at the wedding of the century, was great to see you :)
Mrs E xx

fingle said...

Best of everything to the new married folks! I can say from experience that it's a blast!

John, your drawings of ladies always look like real ladies, with hips and curves and all right where they're supposed to be. That's so cool! Supergal looks really real! (For an illustration, I mean...) That is a terrific drawing. Great work!